Heater Cable Clips:

In-house testing results indicate that the SB-188 High Temperature Silicone Sealant works best for adhering Nuheat and RayChem heating cable clips to asphalt, wood, metal and EPDM roofs if you need a product that cures quickly in colder temperatures.The SB-190 Everseal is recommended for asphalt, wood, metal, EPDM and TPO roof membranes if temperatures are above 50 degrees F during the application and for 2 weeks after.


SB-12, SB-188, SB-190 and SB-170 are used to seal field-fabricated ductwork connections to achieve a factory-tight fit.


SB-188 and SB-190 are used in a variety of plumbing applications, including handicap accessible bathtub and secure institution lavatory/sink combo installations.

Roofing & Flashings:

SB-190 is used to seal around the perimeter of roof flashings, and the SB-240 is used specifically on single-ply roofing applications to secure specialized roof membranes, such as DuroLast.
SB-190 Everseal

Snow Guards without Mechanical Fasteners:

Adhere snow guards to your metal roof without puncturing the surface with SB-190 Everseal! SB-190 is the only adhesive proven to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of heavy snowfall year after year, provided the guards are spaced appropriately (see and the product has enough time to cure at 50 degrees F.

Matt Riley of Sno Shield demonstrates the application process in the video to the left. SnoBlox-Snojax created the application video below that demonstrates proper spacing, and the difference between using the SB-190 and SB-170 Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant.

SB-170 Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant

Snow Guards with Mechanical Fasteners:

This video created by SnoBlox-Snojax shows how to apply the SB-190 without mechanical fasteners, and how to apply sealant with mechanical fasteners at the 3:00 mark. We have replaced the SB-1800 (shown in the video) with the SB-170, because the SB-170 is a neutral cure silicone that is safe to use on galvanized roofs, unlike the SB-1800.


The SB-188, SB-190 and SB-140 are used in a variety of window applications. The SB-190 has strong adhesive as well as sealant properties. the SB-188 is more of a sealant but has some adhesive qualities and is commonly used in glazing applications. The SB-140 is strictly used as a sealant.
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